The United "Saints" of America

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Written by Bradley Webb (Contest Entry)


Is it just me, or are the United States of America starting to become less united and more divided? With their conservative regime, there have been regressions in their educational structure. Their government seems to have been taken over by the 15th century church. People still debate the creationism vs. evolution theory, as we can see from the latest book, “Biology” by Kenneth Miller and Joseph Levine.

I think that it would be beneficial if people took both theories, and evaluated them based on their own merits, instead of believing just one theory. I agree that there may be some situations in which we may feel like we are in the know, but there have been times where people who have “known” things to be true were wrong. People once believed that the Earth was the physical centre of the universe. But, when Galileo, who constructed the first astrological telescope, told people that the Earth was actually not the centre of the universe, he was brought before the Inquisition in Rome, and was told to renounce his findings.

Now, of course, we know that the Earth is actually not the centre of the Universe, because we have found, and proven that the Earth revolves around the sun. It is general knowledge now, but a select group of people renounced it. Now, it seems that very group is in power of the United States.

In a few hundred years, how will our children remember this debate? Will they look back at it and see how smart we were to renounce the evils of science, as they write an essay about how science was corrupting the people of the day?
Or, will they look back at us and think how naïve we were?


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