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Friday, January 21, 2005


Written by Adrese Ramsaran (Contest Entry)


One thing that appears to be natural to us human beings, is the need to classify and group certain things. For example, we classify animals and plants into certain groups, we classify different types of food groups, and we even classify the weather, into temperature and seasons. By this classification or weather, we can observe previous recordings or our seasons and the type of temperature that fits according to it, and then make predictions about future weather. However, over the past years, the temperature has been very strange. For example, just this year on January 12, there was a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm in January. That concept is both crazy and wonderful.

In addition to this, over the past years winter has been getting warmer and warmer in my own opinion. One can only wonder if this pattern of strangeness will continue, and to what degree of strangeness. One must also wonder what is causing this strangeness to occur. And the most important thing that I believe we should think about is if this change in temperature will lead to a good thing, or a bad thing.

We all hear about how our ozone is being destroyed due to our human inventions, and we are told by scientists that if this continues to happen, it will have a very negative affect on our planet. However, I myself believe that this is actually a good thing. I believe that If we damage the ozone enough, it will cause icebergs to melt, which will flood the earth, and this is a very good thing. It will force us, as a race, to come up with a new way of living. Perhaps we will build houses really tall, in order to overcome the flooding. And if we do that, we will need to come up with a better design of housing, and all houses will have to be somewhat the same.

Also, it will force us earthlings to unite to come up with ways to survive, and will therefore have an overall good effect. In my opinion, due to my lack of knowledge about the ozone layer and the full affects that it will have, I believe that it is a very good thing if we damage the ozone.


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