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Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Written by Brad Koegler (Contest Entry)


My name is Brad, and I have a two-day week.

It feels like the sort of thing I should be announcing in that seedy little booth off the side of the local church, or in an arena basement surrounded by like-minded individuals who will hug, cry and applaud as I come to terms with my status as an aberration. To some (especially the science kids with their bevy of labs and seminars), I am to be envied and perhaps shunned for my inordinate amount of free time. Others look at my bipolar class schedule with nothing but pity, as those two days are nonstop gauntlets of lecture after lecture, but the rest of my week is an empty void likely to lead to severe procrastination.

Me, I like it. I don't know if it's just my own screwed-up attention span, but I like clearing everything out of the way on Tuesday and Thursday and having the other five days of the week wide open for homework, working at my job, seeing my friends, and general downtime. Besides, how many people can skip town on Thursday night, come back Tuesday morning, and not miss a single class? I'll admit that my head feels ready to explode after the ten hours of lectures on an average Tuesday, but it's definitely worth it. For all of you people who have looked at doing the old T-Day Stacking Maneuver but wussed out, give it a try. I promise it won't hurt. Just be sure to wave to the guy sitting in the back of your 7PM three-hour lecture, munching coffee beans to stay awake as he works on his fifth set of notes for the day.

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