Update from thecannon.ca Operating Committee

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Written by thecannon.ca Operating Committee

Throughout the last year, thecannon.ca has been expanding and evolving. We have made several programming changes over the last year and we are very pleased with how well they have been received.

We have also faced some significant challenges: Our Editor-in-Chief resigned earlier this year, and we had to dismiss an Assistant Editor due to plagiarism. These unanticipated staff changes have left us extremely short-handed this term.

One of the major changes made to thecannon.ca is the ability to post comments after articles. While the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are very pleased with the response to this new function, we have spent a lot of time this semester addressing the growing pains associated with this new function.

thecannon.ca Operating Committee believes strongly in freedom of speech, but it is thecannon.ca that is legally responsible for all content posted on this site. Because we are currently operating with only one staff member, the responsibility of moderating all comments posted to the site has become too much for our current resources.

Therefore, thecannon.ca has decided to discontinue the ability to postcomments after articles until we are fully staffed and have had the chance to develop adequate policy and review our legal responsibilities inthis regard.

We are currently drafting a policy regarding the posting of comments and are considering programming changes to ensure accountability for those postings.

We appreciate your patience while we address these issues. In the meantime, please remember that thecannon.ca is looking for new volunteers – and staff - and it is always possible for anyone to submit opinion pieces and articles to be posted.

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