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Tuesday, September 9, 2003

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This is my rant... How is it that we cannot properly remove specific textbook postings from thecannon? We get email confirmation that a posting was made, and then there are links to renew or delete the posting, but YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT BOOK IT'S FOR!!!

I am in third year, and I fondly remember the days of www.guelphbooks.com when one could enter a course area and code to refine the search, and where all of the information was plainly visible!!! And to delete your entry, all you had to do was a simply enter your name and click!!

Things like websites are supposed to improve, not get worse!

With the present system, how do you even know how many total postings there are in an area? You have to scroll all the way to the end, one set at a time! Sure, I might be looking at records 1-15, OF HOW MANY?? And the postings are in alphabetical order. So if your book starts with R, you have to scroll through all postings from A-Q!!

If I am not mistaken, students pay a fee included in tuition for this website and the services it provides. I would like to see some better planning, and some research done into how the students would like to see books posted and what design and page layout works best for them.

I do not believe that the present layout reflects the needs of the user population.

I truly appreciate this website and being able to post books and to buy books from other students for great prices. The service is fantastic in principle, but I truly hope that the design can be improved.

Thank you for reading my rant!

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