Website update: an important announcement for cannon users

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Written by Greg Beneteau

Thecannon is getting a facelift.

Relatively unchanged since 2002, your online community at the University of Guelph will soon have a new look and feel to it. Think of it as renovating a sturdy, but very old, house: it isn’t in danger of collapsing anytime soon, but it could use new furniture and a fresh coat of paint to make it more liveable.

There are many exciting changes in the works, but one in particular will require a period of adjustment as the site transitions to a new format: a user sign-in system.

We have prepared FAQ sheet in order to address some of the questions surrounding the introduction of a login system.






When is the new cannon website coming online?

Thecannon’s new website is scheduled to come online at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, September 28, 2009.


Will thecannon be changing its website address?

The website address for thecannon will remain unchanged – www.thecannon.ca


What changes are planned for thecannon’s classified section?

Starting September 28, thecannon users who wish to post classified listings (housing, textbooks, ride board, etc.) must register for an account on the site.


Why is thecannon implementing a login system?

There are three main reasons why a login system will improve the experience for users on thecannon:

A login system will make it easier for users to manage their own content. Users will be able to add, edit or delete classifieds more easily on the new site, without the need for confirmation emails or intervention from site administrators.

A login system will help protect users from fraud and illegal activity. Registering for an account will make it easier for administrators to address issues of fraud and illegal activity on the site. Not only will such a system deter scammers, it will also allow administrators to delete accounts that engage in inappropriate conduct on the site.

A login system will allow thecannon to expand its level of service to users in the years to come. Want to know how much apartments in a certain neighbourhood cost, or what’s the best price for a particular textbook? A login system is the first step in providing additional user services such as customizable search functions and customer feedback.


Who is allowed to register for an account on thecannon?

Thecannon operates as a free service open to all members of the community. Anyone may register for an account and post classifieds.


How much will it cost to register for an account?

There is no cost for registering an account or posting classifieds.


What will happen to classifieds that were posted before September 28?

Classifieds that were posted prior to September 28 will be transferred over to the new site; however they will not have a user account associated with them. As a result, they cannot be renewed and will eventually disappear from the site after their posting periods have expired. Eventually, only classifieds from signed-in users will appear on the site.


Will the confirmation emails I currently use to edit/delete my classifieds still work after September 28?

The site must discontinue the use of the email-based system on September 28, in order to avoid compromising the new system. This means any confirmation emails in your in-box will no longer work after September 28.


How can I edit/delete classifieds that were posted before September 28?

If you have classifieds that were posted prior to September 28 and you wish to edit/delete them, you have two options:

Allow the classifieds to expire at the end of their posting period (2 weeks for textbooks, 1 month for housing and classifieds).

Contact with the email address used in the posting, the name of the product and instructions on whether to edit or delete the classified.


Will people be able to access information about me through my account?

Users on the site will not be able to access your account information unless you provide it to them (e.g. posting your phone number in a classified). Your visible account name can be an assumed name. Only site administrators (the Editor-in-Chief and the Operating Committee) will have access to users’ account information.


Do thecannon or its co-owners share account information with third parties?

Neither thecannon nor its co-owners share account information with third parties.


Who should I contact if I have questions about the new site?

If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns, please contact

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