What are You Doing this Summer?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Written by Caroline Elworthy

Summer should be a time of backyard picnics, day-trips to Guelph Lake, bike rides to the Arboretum and sing-alongs around the campfire. Right? Right. Summer can and should be a time for us to exercise our adventurous spirit after being cooped up in the school grind for eight months.

And while summer can offer us the rejuvenation and refreshment that is needed to return to school in September, it also poses the ultimate challenge to University students of making enough cash to fund your education and lifestyle an entire year.

Even though it is February, and summer seems like an after-thought for many of us who can hardly see past the  mountain of books in front of us, it is indeed time to start the dreaded search; the summer job search.

Reaching out into the void of the internet, frantically grabbing on to any job website that might offer any prospect of a 4-month, high-paying job is a daunting task. Here are a few tasks to help you get started.

First: start with the right attitude. The perfect job is not going to land at your feet--it’s entirely up to you to contact employers and do the digging to find a job that you will find rewarding. Start with a positive attitude. Searching for a job is tough, yet it is within our own human spirit to become resilient and face situations with a confident and humble perspective

Second: use the resources around you. Unbeknown to many students is Buidling #54- the Career and Co-Op services on campus. Building #54 is located right next to Rozanski Hall and is open to all undergraduate students. This centre offers on-the-spot resume critique and career advice Monday through Friday from 9-12 and 1-4 for drop-ins. Career advisors are also available during these times to discuss anything career related including job searching, self-assessments, grad school and post-graduation plans. Mock- interviews are also available during these times.

Third: think carefully about what motivates and fulfills you. Do you love being outdoors? Do you want a job that will specifically correlate with your degree? Do you want to save money and live at home, or do you need to travel and see a different part of Canada? Putting a bit of thought into these types of questions will at least help you narrow down your search. Once you’ve had your resume critiqued at Career Services and an idea of what would excite and motivate you this summer, you’re ready to go. Here are a few jobs options, great websites and events  to check out.

Recruit Guelph: this is a website specifically for Guelph students which list jobs opportunities and research positions. Use your central log-in to begin browsing.

Partners4Employement Job Fair: This upcoming Wednesday Febuaray 4, P4E in conjunction with Recruit Guelph will be holing a job fair at Rim Park in Waterloo. This is an entirely free event, with busses leaving the University Centre loop every half an hour. A full list of employers attending the fair can be found at partners4employment.ca

Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URSA)- All Canadian students who have completed at least two terms of their undergraduate Bachelors degree are eligible to apply to research opportunities with a professor during the summer months.

Athletic Centre and Hospitality Services; These on-campus services are hiring for various summer-camp and serving positions currently. Check out their website for qualifications and to apply.

Federal Student Work Experience Program: This program is funded by the Government of Canada and aims to give students experience in the field they are currently studying. Simply create and application through FSWEP and have your resume available to employers throughout Canada who will then contact you for an interview if you meet qualifications.

ExtremeJobs.ca- This website is a great search engine that brings up jobs all over Canada, with the ability to filter student and summer specific jobs.

WorkCabin.ca- This is the largest “eco-focused” search engine in Canada which advertises entry level and senior positions in the environmental field.

TalentEgg.ca- This search engine is recommend by Career Services for students and recent graduates as it has an amazing selection of jobs throughout Canada. This site caters directly to students and recent graduates, and has various filters for summer, co-op, post-graduate or student jobs.

Municipal Jobs-  Municipal cities specifically hire summer students for general labour positisoins and day-camp programmers and facilitators. Four month contract jobs are readily available

CAMPUSACCESS.COM—A search engine with national and international internships available for students.

Tour Guide Jobs-  Explorica, Keatings, BrightSpark and EF Tours hire students for seasonal positions throughout Canada. Check out their websites for more information.

My World Abroad – An online global search tool through which you have access to with Recruit Guelph.

Above all, don’t give up hope. We are all in the same situation in the great job search, and the more you reach out to those around you in support, the more you will receive. Being totally confused and at loss to what to do and how to do it is what your 20's is all about- so I think it's better to just embrace it. The point is to live everything- so try to live out all the questions uncertainties  and maybe someday you will live your way into the answers. 

Good luck.


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