What do YOU want to be when you grow up?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Written by Rob McLeod (Contest Entry)


Sometimes I envy those people, who since public school have known what they want to be when they grow up. Until recently, I have never had a clear direction of what I want to do when I “grow up”. I’ve thought about film, anthropology, landscape design, ethnobotany, writing, organic farmer, sound engineer and even record producer.

Finally at age 23, and two post secondary schools later, I have finally come to realize that I want to be a high school teacher. In retrospect, a few high school teachers have had the most impact on my life to get me to where, and who I am today. So a part of me would like to try and give back, and hopefully help a few students as much as I have been aided by a wise voice.

This realization came to me after hearing three quotes over the course of 2004. The first came from a discussion with a long time friend who was talking about the enjoyment/stress of her child and youth worker program at Fanshawe. I told her I don’t think that I could handle dealing with people’s problems like that all the time as selfish as that sounds. She responded in a very meaningful way by saying “Well, life has given me so much, and I consider myself fortunate. To help a few other people is the least I can do”. The second quote came from a former English teacher of mine who was listening to me talk fondly of how much I enjoy a few of my profs here at Guelph and he responded back “Imagine you could find a line of work where you inspire people everyday, the same way these people inspire you?”. The third quote came from a friend who pointed out that to only use the skills we possess for only our own good, will never reap their full benefit. To use the skills we possess, to serve others and in doing that serve ourselves, will make life more meaningful.

If it is true that you can judge yourself by looking who your friends are, I feel rich knowing that I have friends who inspire me, and enrich my life.


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