What Friends Do.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

  • Contest Winner, Cindy Chao

    Contest Winner, Cindy Chao

Written by Cindy Chao (Contest Entry)


I turned and drew the blanket above my head as the mechanical monotone of an alarm clock sounded dutifully from across the room. After a few seconds, I heard my roommate/friend struggling to get up and turn it off before falling back to bed. As soon as she hit the pillow, another alarm sounded from the other room. However, it wasn’t turned off as quickly this time. It wasn’t until the both of us yelled out the name of our third roommate did the persistent sound cease. Then it was my alarm clock that began beeping.

It was the first day back to school. The three of us all happened to have the same class at 8:30 in the morning and it was a definite struggle to find the resolve to leave the warm comfy bed to go to class. Still half-asleep, I managed to get ready and walked out the door with one of my friends while bidding a see-you-later to my other friend, since we both had to photocopy some documents before making our way to class.

Arriving class early, we saved a seat for our friend and strained our necks as we looked anxiously towards the entrance, expecting her to enter anytime soon. However, class started and ended without the slightest trace of our roommate showing up. What could have happened to her? We wondered. Maybe she felt sick before leaving? Maybe she slipped on her way there? Picking up an extra course outline for our absent friend, we hurried back to check on her.

To our surprise, our missing friend came back to residence some time after we did along with two extra copies of course outlines, specifically picked up for us. It turned out that she arrived late and entered the classroom through the back door. Just as we didn’t see her from the front rows, she didn’t see us from the back rows. Now there was an extra set of course outline for each of us.

It was quite strange, really, what friends do for each other subconsciously sometimes.

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