Why don't we ban stupidity?

Tuesday, February 8, 2005


Written by Scott MacKenzie (Contest Entry)


I doubt there’s a person reading this who isn’t aware of the ban on bulldogs in the province of Ontario, and probably few who are unaware of the attempt to enforce the use of helmets while biking recreationally.

Now, in the wake of two tragedies over the weekend of the Superbowl, both involving toboggans, there is talk about the possible banning of the winter activity. I had a talk with my friend on the topic, and we both agreed that this is yet another sickening display of society’s feeble attempts to find another scapegoat for its failures.

We all remember the many attempts to ban violent video games and movies, claiming them as reasons for crime, even though crime had been occurring before their existence. But now, banning tobogganing? How far do we have to go? I quote my friend, “why don’t we ban stupidity?” After all, stupidity causes crime, and violence, why not ban that? If it’s based on accidents, then why haven’t we banned cars or planes? After all, they involve more accidents and deaths than tobogganing accidents ever have.

Consider the freedoms we are so proud to have the right to in our country, does a few accidents merit a few small-minded people the right to take certain freedoms away? Now, I’m not down-playing the accidents that have occurred, it is a tragedy to lose two youths in such a way. However what kind of society would we be living in if every single death merited a ban on something? I mean, technically there are more accidents and crime occurring while just walking the street, maybe we should ban walking too.


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