Winter Wonderland?

Friday, January 21, 2005

  • Contest Winner, Will Poon

    Contest Winner, Will Poon

Written by Will Poon (Contest Entry)


Every winter there seems to always be problems surrounding transportation in this royal city of Guelph. Most people will complain about busses but they’re not the only problem with the city and the campus for that matter. Snow removal from sidewalks is horrible in this city. I have not seen a properly cleared sidewalk in Guelph in my four years of school! It’s lucky I haven’t slipped on my tailbone yet because the city is bound for a lawsuit. The city has the money to SALT the roads, not just toss dirt on the sidewalks. I know the corporation of the city of Guelph would rather spend that money elsewhere though, for example, having bigger personal expense accounts. If the people of Guelph had the mentality of a Torontonian, the city would be sued so many times that they would rather put those few extra cents to put salt on the sidewalks. It is a very dangerous way to travel with icy roads, even when walking. I’m not just talking about the recent freezing rain day; I’m talking about everyday maintenance. The city needs new policies and should redesign the way they maintain the city. If you walk on the streets of any other city, you would be less likely to encounter icy/snowy sidewalks than you would in Guelph…guarantee.


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