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Sunday, March 4, 2007


Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“If we succeed, the Arabs and the West will destroy each other.”
“You’re going to destroy this country Reed. You’re almost as bad as Fayed. I was against your from the start.”
“With the President dead, nobody’s going to think too hard about why his Chief of Staff killed himself.”
“Bomb!” “Send a medical team now!”

The great Gregory Itzin made a triumphant return last week as the always duplicitous, disgraced former President Charles Logan. Apparently Ol’ Chaz has been under house arrest since being pinched for… what was that again? Oh yeah, helping to plot the assassination of another former US President and conspiring to give terrorists access to a dangerous nerve gas which was used against the American people.

Apparently, some people never change, or do they? Logan seems bound and determined to prove that he’s a changed man, helping Jack in exchange for nothing besides the knowledge that he’s doing good works towards hi redemption. He even quotes Bible verse now as seen when he was dressing to go with Jack to the Russian consulate. Jack later finds the recited Bible verse highlighted in Logan’s ever present copy. So it begs the question: is Logan well-rehearsed in his Bible readings or genuine in his conversion? I’m obviously more inclined to believe the former, it seems a little study session to me for one to highlight their Bible but there may be differing opinions.

And from the 24 Disbelief Suspension file this week is the case of Tom Lennox, tied up and duct taped in the boiler room of the White House bunker while his assistant Reed and his co-conspirator build a bomb to kill the President. You’ve got to figure that if the President’s Chief of Staff hasn’t been seen in over an hour then people would be doing a little more than making discreet inquiries about his whereabouts, especially in the midst of a crisis situation. But part of loving 24 is loving it for its occasional logical fallacies, like driving across LA in the space of 15 minutes. This one really strained things for me though, if some had politely asked for Tom Lennox one more time…

Coming up this week: the fallout from the attempt on Palmer, and with him being incapacitated the power of the Presidency now falls to the VP Daniels, who is much more the ideologue than Wayne Palmer. Then there’s the problem with Lennox, who Bomber Man wants to kill, but Reed will not allow, but you’ve got to figure that if the Chief of Staff is expendable then his flunky must be even more so. Meanwhile, Bauer and Logan make it to the Russian consulate and meet with the Consulate General. Look for Logan “leverage” to not be such a great bargaining chip, which will undoubtedly provoke Jack into once again breaking diplomatic immunity.

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