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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“I can’t do this anymore… I’m done.”
“Can you detonate now?”
“Oh my God.”
“Alert all first responders in Los Angeles county and surrounding area…”
“There are four more of these things out there.”

So when we last left Jack Bauer, he shot Curtis Manning (AKA: Black Jack) in the neck in order to save the life of terrorist-turned-peacenick Assad from taking one to the head execution-style. This was subsequently followed-up some ten minutes later with a mushroom cloud in the LA sky as the terrorist group run by led by Fayed detonates one of five suitcase nukes in their procession. Simply put, this was one of the finer 24 cliffhangers; a jaw-dropping turn of events that makes you want to comeback for more. (Even though incidentally, Roger Cross’ name being found under the ‘guest star’ credit as opposed to the main cast did raise a red flag that Curtis’ time on this Earth was not long.)

Beyond the fact of the various plot developments, a lot of drama for this season seems to be going to come from Jack’s somewhat tenuous grip on things. His complete and total breakdown on the lawn after he shoots Curtis showed a jarring vulnerability previously unbeknownst to an audience so used to seeing the Man in control of every situation. On the part of the writers, the exact degree of Jack’s diminished faculties change from moment to moment; so throughout much of the episode we see shades of the old Bauer with no hint that he has deep seeded traumas. I guess it could be argued that a man like Jack knows how to compartmentalize and muddle through, but I hope the writers are able to find a way to balance Jack’s drive and his emotional instability.

Here’s what’s coming up this week, and there may be some spoilers here in so avert your eyes if you must.

  • President Palmer and staff are moved into a bunker under the White House.
  • Fayed calls a new man named McCarthy; McCarthy is the one that sold Fayed the suitcase nukes and Fayed contacts him to find a new nuclear engineer to help reprogram and set off the remaining four.
  • Bauer finds enough of his mojo to tell Buchanan that he’s back in, followed by a Jack rescue of a pilot from a crashed chopper.
  • Also, look for the return of Graham, AKA: the head of the “Bluetooth Group”, the man responsible for Day 5’s shenanigans and the death of David Palmer. (“Bluetooth” references the brand of cell phones Graham and associates used.) Jack’s going to come face-to-face with Graham and if you’ve seen the previews, Graham is the one Jack grabs by the cuff of the neck and says “You’re hurting me.” To which Jack retorts, “Trust me, I’m not.”

Another interesting development on the 24 front is Fox’s release of a DVD containing the first four episodes on the Tuesday after the premiere. I’m not sure if it’s available in Canada (because I didn’t go and look for it) but for those of you who didn’t get onboard first thing, it’s not too late. For everyone else, here’s this week’s 24 talkback.
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