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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“Sir, I’m on the side of the United States of America and if you ever thought otherwise, you were mistaken.”
“Bill, we’re set. Gredenko’s ready to call Fayed.”
“He cut off Gredenko’s arm!”
“Mr. President, we have a successful launch.”

Well, it’s good to know that you can go to all kind’s of trouble to get the “good” president reinstated only to see him commit the actions you were working so hard to stop the other guy from doing in the first place. Way to go Wayne, in the effort to prove that you’re not a bitch by launching the missile, you in fact prove that you are a bitch – by launching the missile.

So it came as no surprise to me as I was consulting my spoiler sources about this episode and saw that Wayne will be trying to back-peddle from the launch after talking to the put-upon ambassador of Fayed’s (apparently) nameless country. Once again it seems that Wayne proves who the real badass Palmer was and it isn’t him. David would have verbally smacked down Daniels and then called Jack for an update – they were peas in a pod. Well… maybe not really, but what David and Jack had in common was that they were nobodies’ tool.

Of course, last week was the culmination of one of the most unoriginal and, dare I say, most boring developments on 24 ever, with Daniels trying to remove Palmer as unfit under the 25th amendment. Nevermind, that there were some heinous inconsistencies in regards to the execution of the vote. The plot point hinged on Daniels’ dispute that National Security Advisor Karen Hayes’ vote should be invalid because she technically resigned earlier in the day. Truth of the matter is that the NSA is not a member of the cabinet and thus should not get a vote. Also there are 15 members of the cabinet not 13, and the Congress mediates any dispute about the 25th between the President and Vice-President, with the VP remain acting-President until the dispute is settled.

Speaking of implausibility, how about running around for 20 minutes with a missing arm? I love that ghoulish quality of 24; got a tracker in your arm? No worries – just cut your arm off to make a convenient escape from CTU. There was something poetic in Gredenko’s turning Fayed over to an angry mob and then stumbling to the beach only to drop dead in the surf under the docks; it was like something out of a French film almost. But with seven hours to go and Fayed just now in custody, you got to know that there’s an escape attempt coming. And indeed, the spoilers seem to bear that out, however Fayed will not escape before Mike Doyle gets to break off a piece.

Incidentally, I miss reported that last week we’d find out what happened to Charles Logan after he was stabbed with a pen by ex-wife Martha. Well, as you may have noticed we did not discover his fate, but I remain hopefully that we’ll see his beady eyes again before the end of the season.

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