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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“Your negativity is not what I need right now.”
“She’s a registered Republican for crying out loud.”
“Protecting family is everything and I think your dead wife would agree.”
“I’m glad we could finally out cards on the table.”
“Jack forced my hand… Call me when it’s over.”

I was rather concerned there for a moment last hour that Graem Bauer was some kind of cry baby… Come on, if you can’t stand up to a little torture by your brother than what good are you. Fortunately, the “Bluetooth” Bauer did not disappoint as he pulled a double-cross not only on his brother, but his old man too. Sweet. This week’s show promises some cool developments as the senior Bauer and Jack fight side-by-side and then take poor old Grae captive again for some probable and likely torture. Interestingly, the main villain this season, Abu Fayed, made only a pop-in appearance with a lot focus being drawn to the Bauer drama.

Also worth noting is the increasing dickishness of Tom Lennox who was finally able to bump out antagonist Karen Hayes by threatening the release of some damning, possibly made up, evidence that says her husband Bill Buchanan had Fayed in custody but released him. Of course part of Lennox’s “security” measures is to marginalize all Muslims across America, even the ones who are working for government agencies trying to thwart terrorism, like CTU’s Nadia Yassir.

At the beginning of this season, there was a lot of talk about how 24 was going back into the well of painting Muslims as blood thirsty terrorists, but it’s actually proved a provocative bit of political intrigue. Sure Nadia has nothing to do with the attacks (we think), but her status as someone who was born outside of America, in a country that is not friendly with America, no matter how young she was when she lived there (2 years) makes her suspicious.

On the flip side is poor Walid Al-Rezani, head of the Islamic American Association in which capacity he was thrown in a detention centre for not giving the FBI the names of his membership as part of an unlawfully search. Walid, being a good sport about it, then goes undercover to gain the trust of a secretive group inside the facility and find out what they know about the attacks – which is precisely nothing, they’re total poseurs. People always talk about the right-wing fantasy that’s sort of implied in 24, but instances like these remind me, and the viewers, that the show plays pretty close to the reality of the fact that the visceral reactionism of US foreign policy does more harm than good.

By the way, am I ascribing too much socio-political context into a TV show on the Fox Network?

Coming up this week, the first appearance by Vice-President Noah Daniels played by Powers Boothe, and he seems to be more of a Lennox man then a Palmer one. We shall see…

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