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Monday, February 19, 2007


Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“That kind of musing could be considered treason.”
“I killed my brother. Whatever the consequences are I accept them.”
“We lost the Cold War because our country was afraid to us them. Today, we will correct that mistake and the Arabs will take the blame.”
“Call for EMT!”

From the super exciting to the politically devious, last week’s 24 double shot didn’t fail to disappoint on a myriad of levels. Whether it was Jack’s less than nimble fingers as he deactivated the suitcase nuke or Morris taking a five-man beating or Reed Pollack plotting to take out the President so that America can be turned into a right-win paradise, it was all good. With great action sequences (including a not totally oblique reference to Speed) and some tense interfamily stuff for the highly dysfunctional Bauer clan made for a fascinating outing and this week promises more where that came from.

  • First, you have to admire the CTU medical plan. Morris was able to get back to work in abut 20 minutes after being beaten with a baseball bat, subjected to water torture, power drilled in the shoulder and forced to create a remote detonator to activate the remaining nukes.
  • Phillip Bauer is a bastard. That is all.
  • Who out there felt that when Buchanan ordered Milo to accompany Jack, he should have shouted “No effing way!” (Except, replace ‘effing’ with the appropriate expletive.) Because when you go out into the field with Jack Bauer who either die in an explosion, die in some other horrible way or get taken hostage and tortured to help the terrorists. Will Milo become dead meat? Can you smell what Phil Bauer is cooking? For now it seems that Milo is the only member of Jack’s team to not be killed or at least get out without severe burns.
  • The big development on the White House end was the revelation that Reed Pollack is, surprise, a mole for some shady guy who wants to remove the duly elected President from office in order to promote their radical agenda. As much as Lennox is a dick, I have to say that I doubt he’d flip on Palmer that easily. I guess you can play a player, but frankly these developments have been done before – I’m thinking days 2, 4 and 5. I do appreciate though the great scenes between DB Woodside and Alexander Siddig; some really great acting that highlights what we all wish in the real life War on Terror, more talking, more understanding and less rhetoric.

This week: Da-da-da-d-da… It’s the return of everybody’s favourite Nixonian back stabber President Logan. Having being pardoned by his VP, he finds himself in position to help with the locating of Gredenko. Also this week, Jack finds out that his old man is the real mastermind of, well, everything. What’s it gonna be for JB? Nervous breakdown or full-throttle Hulk smash mode? Can’t wait to find out.
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