24 Talkback Double Shot; 1:00 pm-3:00pm

Monday, February 12, 2007


Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“To be honest, I didn’t think this President had the stomach for the cure.”
“I cannot and I will not endorse these actions.”
“It’s Morris!”
“You’ve been a good boy Graem. You’ve done everything I’ve asked. Only this time I’ve asked too much. I’m sorry.”

So there were quite a few developments last week, not the least of which included:

  • Jack finding out his brother Graem was responsible for orchestrating the death of President David Palmer, Michelle Dessler and “Soul Patch” Tony Almeida during Day 5.
  • The revelation that Morris O’Brien is the “expert” Fayed is looking for to help him reprogram the remain suitcase nukes, no matter how unwilling he is to do it.
  • And of course, that Jack’s dad Phillip Bauer has been the boss that Graem’s been answering to all along, meaning that Papa Bauer is the Bigger then Big Bad.

It was nice to see that the 24 writers found a loophole in the whole mole-working-inside-CTU thing by having Morris become an unwitting pawn in the bad guy’s plan. It appears that somehow the terrorists will be successful to a certain degree as the preview for this week’s episodes show Jack standing over a working nuke activated to go off.

On the subject of the obvious, how many of you out there knew that Phillip was totally going to be the Svengali of the Bauer Boys. That whole scene where Phillip has a heart-to-heart with Jack, I knew that was a total smoke screen. It just seemed a little perfect, a little too much like a heart-to-heart. (And I’m not just saying that because of the ominous glace Phillip gave Jack while his back was turned right before the countdown.) Oh, and icing your own son so that he won’t talk… Damn that’s cold.

Okay, coming up this week is a 24 double-shot, two hours for the price of one. If you’ve seen the two-minute preview on MSN you know that Morris’ current predicament affects Chloe’s emotional state, which forces Milo to take over her station at CTU. A vulnerable Chloe? That’ll take almost as much getting used to as getting used to a vulnerable Jack. Speaking of which, he’ll be pursuing Morris via chopper when he gets the word of his brother’s death, and yes, the initial opinion that it has to do with complications from the torture technique. Jack asks Bill to break the bad news to his sister-in-law and son… I mean nephew. Also, look for Lennox, Pollack and Vice-President Daniels to try and find a way to manoeuvre Wayne Palmer into accepting their radical security proposals. Speaking of the new President Palmer, he comes face-to-face with Hamri Al-Assad this week.

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