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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“The President was 10 feet from a high velocity explosive device, the fact that he survived at all is a miracle.”
“Getting caught was never part of the plan.”
“The President rejected that plan.” “What’s your point?”
“You’re going to tell me what I want to know or you’re going to start losing your fingers one by one.”
“This is Bill Buchanan. Hello…?”

It would seem that some people never learn their lesson, Jack Bauer being one of them. As you may remember, Jack started the season fresh (so to speak) off a plane from China where he spent twenty months being held and tortured for raiding the Chinese consulate in LA and killing someone, albeit accidentally, while inside. (Remember: consul grounds are technically foreign soil.) So now Jack’s been caught doing the same thing, this time replace the word ‘Chinese’ with ‘Russian’ and replace the word ‘killed’ with ‘cut off his pinky’.

So we know Jack doesn’t learn anything, but what about Charles Logan? Anyone hoping that this past week would offer clarity as to whether or not the traitorous former President was sincere in his conversion to dogooderness were left with none. Speaking of corrupt politicians, we got to spend more time with Vice-President Chen-I mean Daniels last week. Is it just me or was he complicit in the attempt on President Palmer’s life? Either that or this guys the biggest douche bag opportunist since… well, Cheney. “Elements within the government conspiring to kill the President be damned. We can blame it on the Arab and use it as an excuse to throw the whole lot of them into internment camps.”

In other developments, we continue to see Tom Lennox becoming more of a character we can get behind as his whole experience with being an unwitting participant in the assassination plot seems to have cooled his vigour for Draconian measures. You’ve certainly got to admire the suave way he got Reed and the Bomber guy arrested and you’ve got to feel for him when the VP pretty much gives him the old “with me or with the enemies” routine. With Karen Hayes heading back to the bunker, can a team-up between the former frenemies to stop the VP’s well-intentioned evil plans be far away?

Coming up this week (and keep your eye open for something shocking):

  • Jack will face the barrel of a gun in the basement of the Russian consulate as a security guard is ordered to “terminate the American agent”
  • Logan goes to the only person that hates him more than Jack for help: Martha Logan his ex-wife. Rumour has it she’ll redefine the turn of phrase ‘knifey-wifey’. (Oh, and she’s been making time with her ex-husband’s former secret service agent Pierce.)
  • Jack gets rescued by… Ricky Schroeder?!?
  • Gredenko is tipped off by Markov that CTU is in the know about the whole nukes delivered by aerial drones thing and you know what that means: the timetable is moved up and the nukes will be set to launch in… One hour!
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