24 Talkback - Plus Mid-season Death List

Monday, March 19, 2007

Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“I’m willing to overlook certain details about the assassination plot… To a point.”
“So this is the new and improved Charles Logan.”
“I can say exactly what I want now without incurring your wrath.”
“Oh God, you’re crap.”
“He’s starting to crash! We’re losing him!”

What a week! Not long on action but that’s really depending on what your definition of action is. The dramatic tension between Charles Logan, Martha Logan and Aaron Pierce definitely took one back to the heydays of day 5. And Fox, I’m not really sure if Martha’s (possibly) fatal stabbing of Charles was really the most shocking moment in 24 history. Frankly, I would have been very surprised if she hadn’t have attacked him in some manner. (And could that knife have been anymore the focus on camera?) Certainly, the greatness of Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart can’ be said enough, but Glenn Morshower’s quiet strength and support in these scenes must not be underestimated also.

As of last episode, we officially reached the halfway mark in Day 6. That means its time for the 24 Death List So Far and in what has to be the bloodiest season of 24 yet, ‘tis a very busy list indeed. Bow your heads in silent prayer for the following beloved characters of your favourite serialized drama.

  • CTU Agent Curtis “Black Jack” Manning – shot in the neck by Jack Bauer
  • Graem Bauer AKA: “Bluetooth Bauer” – poisoned by father Phillip
  • Hamri al-Assad – fatal injuries from bombing targeting both him and President Palmer
  • Ahmed Amar – shot during CTU raid
  • Ray Wallace – caught at Ground Zero of nuclear explosion
  • Darren McCarthy – shot by girlfriend Rita
  • Rita – shot by Abu Fayed
  • Omar, one of Assad’s men betraying him to Fayed – torture
  • Stan – neighbourhhood bigot killed by Ahmed
  • Consul Anatoly Markov and 14 other Russians shot in CTU raid on Russian Consulate
  • 1 Russian guard that tried to help Jack – shot by fellow Russian
  • 4 of Assad’s men – killed in CTU air strike
  • 4 hostiles loyal to Phillip Bauer – shot
  • 12 of Fayed’s men – various causes of death
  • 15 CTU tac team members – various causes of death
  • 23 on LA bus – killed in suicide bombing
  • 47 in Chicago hotel – terrorist attack
  • 200+ in Baltimore shopping mall – terrorist attack
  • 12,000+ - nuclear explosion
  • Charles Logan? – stabbed by ex-wife (with glee)

Coming up this week: nuke loaded drones take to the sky and the annual CTU mole takes his or her bow. Hard to believe there’s just 12 more of these to go.
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