A review of Dirty Ghost’s latest album, Metal Moon

Monday, April 16, 2012


Is there a cool way to kick off an album? Well the coolest I’ve come across recently is the following short intro “How about we do a decapitation tonight starring you?” Let’s see if someone could top that. Dirty Ghosts sure know how to notch things up a bit and add a little spice to and an otherwise stale music scene.

Dirty Ghosts unleashed their debut album “Metal Moon” to the masses on the 21st of February 2012. Dirty Ghosts, led by Allyson Baker, a Canadian expat, has finally come to terms with the music that best represents the “Ghosts”.

 That doesn’t mean that this isn’t good live music, but you may want to look elsewhere if you’re into the generic pop-punk/electro rock outfit.

So what does this band deliver? Ten tracks of youthful energy that never would bore you out. Yes, they experiment like the apocalypse is here already. However, unlike for many others, it seems to fit the band’s sound and Allyson’s vocal delivery. Galloping bass lines, funky beats entwined with intricate soundscapes give the album character and an interesting overall sound. You might want to play close attention to grab all the detail that the “wall of sound” presents.

Putting a label on this band or the album for that matter would be a crime as it would limit their potential fan base. The album spans genres and can appease to a wider audience due to the sheer amount of experimentation. “Steamboat to Concord” for example could appeal equally to the trip-hop fan and indie rock fan. Allyson Baker’s voice is an interesting element added to the palette that acts almost like a lighthouse guiding ships at the dead of the night. “Ropes that Way”, “Shout it In”, “Pretty Face” and “Steamboat to Concord” are some of the best songs on the album. Interesting riffs, lyrics that make you reminiscent and interesting funky sounds make the whole album worth a listen and if you are one of those folks who love to sit through a good album you might want to keep away from the “skip” button when you pop this into your player.

Chanditha Priyanatha is a student at the University of Guelph and a dedicated volunteer at thecannon.ca

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