An Anti-Hit List for the New Year

Thursday, January 11, 2007

  • Jimi Hendrix did not make Bob's list because he is deceased

    Jimi Hendrix did not make Bob's list because he is deceased

Written by Bob Przybyla

Consider this just a little musical heads up to kick off the New Year right and help counter act the vitamin D deficiency that might just be right around the corner once the forthcoming snow blocks out all hints that the sun even exists. That aside, I went ahead and found a smattering of musicians/bands together for your perusal.


First off, I want you all out there to go ahead and feed that tiny little music geek inside of you. This little band out of Minnesota is desperately striving for Prog Rock godliness. Give them a look-see and a little listen. They have a CD out right now called Such Fine Particles of the Universe.



You also need some metal in your diet; not just Zinc and iron, but power metal too. This is a band out of Orangeville Ontario (head north on Rt 24 out of downtown Guelph for a while and you’ll end up in the neighbourhood). Check them out and soon you’ll be banging your long-haired metal head. As of the last I’ve heard, they have parted ways with their singer and are looking for a new one, can you sing metal? Hopefully once they get that situation worked out you can see them play.



Perhaps you’d rather hear some serious rhymes of the hip-hop persuasion. Ever since the mainstream rap and hip-hop industry went the way of commercialized ignorance, I’ve generally shied away from this genre. (Of course, this is not to say that any other genre is less commercialized or ignorant.) That aside, I am really diggin’ this guy, K’naan. He played the University a couple years back and his work shows insightfulness and wisdom that is appealing regardless of musical genre, check it out and enjoy.


The Matches

I met this pop-punk-ish quartet at a house show in Downers Grove, Illinois, near my hometown and these guys impressed the hell out of me. John, the guitarist was 17 or 18 at the time and their drummer Matt organized the cross-country tour of bars and house shows on his own. The second time they came through Chicago they played the historic Fireside Bowl and, in order to drum up attendance, went to the Metro (where the Smashing Pumpkins were discovered) the night before and played an acoustic set outside. They’re a good listen and they’ll be in Toronto and then London at the end of February.



I’ll round out with this Guelph Indie favourite made up of the dynamic duo of Sylvie Smith and John O’Reagan. According to the rumours I’ve heard, they made a CD of songs for their parents as a gift, this CD started getting around the Guelph community and by popular demand they started playing as an act. True or not, they have some sweet songs including an inverted cover of the song “Baby, it’s cold outside.” (A song that won an Oscar in 1949.) And “Concrete Love” which gives me a sneaking suspicion that our humble campus was some sort of inspiration. It’s simple, it’s well done, it’s insightful and it’s some great music from a duet of hometown heroes.


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