Bob's Pick - Justin Nozuka's Holly CD

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Written by Bob Przybyla

Justin Nozuka played the Brass Taps on January 10th. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go. I did however pick up Holly CD and it’s really some great work. Based out of Toronto, this guy is traveling all over the place right now and kicking up some good talk. And to be honest I’m really excited about this album.

His lyrics can well be defined as graceful subtlety framed in concrete. What does that mean? Well, a perfect example comes from “After Tonight” “I know that if the love is alright you don’t have to look up at the stars…” This is an example of what I mean by subtle grace. He isn’t coming outright and stating his point but he’s saying he’s getting his point across by speaking around it. And for the concrete framing I look to “Mr. Therapy Man”. This is a song about when love leaves. “She signed goodbye on the letter that she wrote.” Although this might be rhetorical, it can also be a concrete description about how she left. It helps to ground his lyrics into relatable and accessible terms.

When you combine his words with his voice and his clean flowing acoustic guitar playing you get something really special. His voice is throaty and strained giving the impression that his singing is coming from deep inside and his guitar work provides a great base for his songs. All in all, I think this is a great album and a great musician. Give him a listen if you like singer-songwriter style music with strong lyrical content. If you really like what you hear, he'll be coming back to play the Drak Hotel in Toronto on February 16.

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