Book Review-The Last of Her Kind by Sigrid Nunez

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Written by May Warren

In The Last of Her Kind, author Sigrid Nunez tells the story of two Columbia college roommates in the sixties and their drastically different lives. Anne is a wide-eyed radical who despises her bourgeois heritage and Georgette is a scholarship student from a small town and a poor family. This novel is a lot of things; it starts as a portrait of a college friendship, then twists and becomes a chronicle of life in the late sixties and early seventies.

Nearly twenty years later when Anne is convicted for the murder of a police officer, the novel changes shape again and becomes an intimate look at a life gone wrong. At the root of it is the relationship between the women, and the psyche of Anne, whose self -hatred is so intense it drives her to commit a terrible act that changes her life forever. It spans almost forty years and skillfully blends several different types of narration to capture the story of these two women and their intersecting lives.

At times jumpy and confusing, The Last of Her Time remains an intense story that captures the readers interest right up until the last pages. Dark, and often depressing, it doesn’t go easy on the main characters or the reader, but it still manages to entertain and leaving plenty of unanswered questions. The Last of Her Kind is a thick novel that will keep you busy for weeks making it defiantly worth a look.

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