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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Written by Reilly Scott

Artist: Elliott Brood
Date: Tues, Nov 11
Location: Vinyl

Music style: folk rock/acoustic/soul


Tin Type (2003)
Ambassador (2006)
Mountain Meadows (2008)

With a musical style that is often referred to as ‘Death Country,’ ‘Blackgrass’ and ‘Urban Hillbilly’ this Toronto-based trio combines bluegrass, alternative, folk, rock and old country sounds to create what you might call “dark gritty folk music” (Cbc radio 3). Traditional ‘country’ sounding instruments such as harmonica, banjo, tambourine and ukulele are accompanied with catchy two chord melodies and footstomps to give the songs a very ‘home town country’ feel that is mixed with alternative drum beats and electric guitar to also give songs a really uniquely modern sound. The catchy and playful harmonies of the Banjo and harmonica stand out in particular. Dark themed lyrics that cover topics such as alcoholism and murder contrast with hugely upbeat rhythms and melodies to add to the refreshing uniqueness of the band’s style. Important to note is lead singer Mark Sasso’s dry and gritty sounding vocals that adds further character to their music. Nominated for a Juno in 2006 for ‘Roots and Traditional Album of the Year’ for their album Ambassador, the band’s success and popularity continues to grow. Those who visited Hillside 2008 this summer may have been lucky enough to witness first hand the exceptional energy of the band’s distinct sound. For music samples and more information on tour dates visit www.elliottbrood.ca. For updates on ticket prices for the upcoming show at Club Vinyl visit www.sundaycinema.ca.

Artist: Christine Fellows
Date: Wed, Oct 15
Location: Ebar

Music style: Folky minimalist/showtunes


Nevertheless (2006)
Paper Anniversary (2005)
The Last One Standing (2002)
2 Little Birds (2000)

Once a citizen of Guelph, Fellows will return ‘home’ on Oct 15th to perform a show at the Ebar with fellow Canadian musician Kim Barlow. This independent Winnipeg artist’s whimsical arrangements and unique melodies give her a sound unlike anything you’ve heard before. Her quirky use of ‘nature sounds’ mixed with instrumentals and other ‘everyday noises’ has caused her to be referred to as a minimalist artist. Included in Fellows’ tracks is a diverse combination of instruments such as piano, ukulele, glockenspiel, organ, cello, mandolin and viola. They are often accompanied by other, less traditional sounds including typewriter and bird noises. The outcome of these combinations is a very busy, yet somehow soothing sound that manages to create the perfect musical combination. Fellows has commented that, to her, playing music is “more an outlook than an act.” She states: “I’ll use anything I can get my hands on to make the noise I need. Sometimes the best sounds come from broken things – toys of banjos or cheap electronics – or everyday noises we tend to take for granted, like traffic and rain and purring cats and the squeak of boots on snow at -30 degrees” (Cbc radio 3). For a preview of Fellows’ music visit www.christinefellows.com. For updates on ticket prices and other concert info visit www.sundaycinema.ca.

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