Curtain Call Productions put on another fantastical musical

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Between March 7th and March 10th Curtain Call Productions performed the much anticipated musical Rent! It was, without a doubt it, one of their greatest performances to date. I had the pleasure of seeing the March 10th matinee and to say I was impressed is an understatement.

Guelph students once again proved that there is an abundance of talent that brightens our campus. Though many are familiar with the musical Rent, there is no doubt that everyone enjoyed the Curtain Call rendition.

I was captivated as Joanne and Mark (played by Chanelle Ouellet and Ronald McKenzie-Lefurgy) performed “The Tango Maureen” effortlessly. I found myself singing along with Roger and Mimi (played by Will MacKenzie and Tanya Jarmai) as they beautifully rendered “Light my Candle” and was dancing in my seat waiting to go to “Sante Fe” with Tom, Angel, and Mark (played by Marc Harwood, Brandon Vollick, and Ronald McKenzie-Lefurgy).

It was not only the main cast that struck me; the ensemble cast brought their skill to the stage, they sang and danced with finesse and complimented the main cast. They were not simply background characters, but had stories to be told and though we didn’t get a chance to delve into their lives they were all still an integral part of the show. With a remarkable band, led by conductor William Starchuck, the music of the performance was stellar.

Though the entire cast showed great skill, the most outstanding performance was that of Marc Harwood who played Tom Collins. Every note he sang rang with feeling and struck you as it was intended.

Through the collective efforts of the cast, crew, and the members of Curtain Call Productions, the University of Guelph once again gave Guelph a performance to remember. If you didn’t get a chance to see Rent! you did unfortunately miss out.

Hopefully everyone will get a chance to see next year’s musical, no matter what it may be it promises to be great.

Nana Opoku is a student at the University of Guelph and a dedicated volunteer at thecannon.ca

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