Double trouble

Sunday, November 2, 2003

  • photo by Allison Brown

    photo by Allison Brown

Tegan and Sara are in a unique position. For the past five years these Calgary-born identical twins have made a career of combining their distinct musical styles to produce sugary sweet pop melodies with serious rock undertones. The duo brought their act (and their bickering) to U of G’s Peter Clark Hall on Saturday evening.

Former Weezer bassist and guest performer Matt Sharp's acoustic ramblings were nothing if not interesting. In between hacking and muttering profanities under his breath, cold-plagued Sharp wavered between guitar plucking overlain by spoken-word tales and drawn-out poppy folk songs. His quirky banter and mellow attitude infused the room with a subdued aura, but an acoustic rendering of “Buddy Holly” quickly snapped the crowd to attention. Appearances by Tegan and Sara drove fans wild and provided Sharp’s set with a much-needed sound lift.

Showcasing their bipolarity right from the get-go, Tegan and Sara took the stage with completely different styles and attitudes. As they moved effortlessly between acoustic and electric guitar, the pair had a chance to show off their punk roots as well as the stripped down pop sound that they’re known for.

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Complete with an unusual selection of instruments, the well-orchestrated group of musicians that supported the girls gave their songs a lush, full feel. Drummer Rob Chursinoff and bassist Chris Carlson showcased their incredible talents while the addition of Matt Sharp on moog made it seem as if the concert was little more than a single set by the same group of versatile musicians.

The girls mostly played selections from their latest album “If It Was You” but also treated the appreciative crowd to a few songs that will be featured on an upcoming record. Ranging from radio-friendly hits like “Monday Monday Monday” to the unusually structured “Terrible Storm” the pair displayed their uncanny ability to write songs of all shapes and styles.

With their undeniable talent and down-to-earth personalities it is little wonder that Tegan and Sara have developed and maintained such a devoted fan base. Their positive approach to music, marketing and life in general is refreshing and in time this dynamic pair will surely become a household name.

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