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Monday, September 29, 2003

  • Jennifer Lyon's impromptu interview with Chris Murphy

    Jennifer Lyon's impromptu interview with Chris Murphy

Written by Jennifer Lyon

Anyone who has seen Sloan live knows that they are one of the most energetic, entertaining bands around. On Saturday night at the AC, they kept that reputation intact. After a well-received opening set by long-time Sloan friend, Joel Plaskett, the close to 800 fans were ready for Sloan.

Opening their set with “Ready For You”, the current single from “Action Pact”, they weaved their way through seventeen songs from their previous albums and a couple of encore songs, just for good measure. Looking around, you could see that the crowd was made up of a majority of hardcore fans, effortlessly reciting all of the words.

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Self-proclaimed Sloan fan and cannon.ca photographer, Jennifer Lyon, hung out backstage and even snagged an impromptu interview with bassist, Chris Murphy.

J: Are there any online Sloan communities or message boards that you guys
personally monitor or participate in?

C: There is a message board on our website that fans can post questions
to - there was a fan-based website that used to get a lot of activity but
I'm not sure if it's still around.

J: How do you like performing at U of G compared to other schools?

C: We've been here a few times, here at the AC as well as in Peter Clark
Hall. There isn't really anything that sets Guelph apart from other Ontario
universities, but it's always been a good time!

J: Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

C: The main thing is to have fun. Success is just a byproduct. If you're
in a band, and you're good, someone will find you. Of course, there is some
luck involved, and often some ugly hustling in the industry. But, in
general, playing in a band is a great thing - keeps you busy, and sure beats
drinking and driving!

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