Monday, June 28, 2004

  • Filmaker Michael Moore

    Filmaker Michael Moore

Written by Monique Loveless

The film begins with Moore questioning whether the election was a dream- the confusion that erupted from the question of who won Florida sparked suspicions of Bush winning as a result of having friends in the right places and daddy’s influence. Moore states that Bush had began his presidency with an agenda that began before the votes were counted. Sure this movie is laden with one man’s opinion, but it does make you wonder what went on leading to and after the tragic day that was September 11th, 2001. I have to commend Moore for showing the reactions of those who experienced the horrific scene instead of making us all watch the towers burning one more time. This new way of depicting the scene was powerful and heart breaking.

Moore offers explanation for the reason why the American people were not more against the war in Iraq. He explains that people were kept in a constant state of fear by the media coverage, which shows itself in the multitude of people who believed that terrorism could happen anywhere, even the smallest of towns in the United States. Terror is a powerful weapon, which helped the Bush administration to convince the American people to trust and seek refuge in the government, policies and subsequent war. Bush explanation for the war was to stop Sadam Hussein, free the Iraqi people and save civilization. Yet, as the film progresses Moore shows the confusion of those who have been affected by the realities of war. Many were left questioning why and what for so many were dying. Moore says profit and to keep the existing structure in tact. One disturbing fact was that soldiers were assigned the task of protecting Texas Oil workers in Iraq so they could safely assess the oil situation, which suggests profit.

Music used in the film was placed to evoke emotions. Shortly after Bush was inaugurated he went on vacations as Moore puts it because of the turmoil that erupted after the election. As scenes of Bush playing golf, fishing and partaking in other leisure activities “Vacation” by the Go-Gos plays giving Bush’s actions a comedic flare. In contrast one song “Fire, Water, Burn” by the Bloodhound Gang used by the soldiers to pump themselves up during the killing of Iraqi people is horrifying. As one soldier sang the chorus my stomach turned and I wondered what had happened to this young man that he smiled at such words within such a context. Moore brings up an interesting fact that only one congressman had kids serving in Iraq. So Moore proceeds to try and get other members of congress to enlist their children. However, not surprisingly most of those shown ignored or ran away. They did not want to sacrifice their own children for profit.

It is important to remember that this is just one man’s viewpoint of what occurred in his country, accompanied by interesting facts about the connection between Saudi Arabia, Bush and his friends. Though Moore’s opinion is one that loudly and publicly questions the actions of Bush prior to and post 9/11, the war will have the US and others wheeling from the events that occurred for a long time to come. This film made you remember to question what you see and whether you hate it or love this new film by Michael Moore will get you and your friends talking.


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