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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“We have a leak.”
“You enjoy hurting people, you get off on it.”
“I’m going to take care of this. And when I’m done, I’m going to track down the people responsible for her murder and I’m going to take care of them too.”
“The order is given. Launch the missile as soon as they’re in range.”

So we don’t know what became of our old friend Charles Logan, which is an oversight on the part of the writers so I can only assume that Logan’s fate will figure large in the latter episodes. Reversely, we did find out what happened to Audrey Raines and surprise, surprise she’s dead and, oh yeah, it looks like a conspiracy because she died in China while trying to get Jack out. So is Audrey dead? Maybe not so much, rumour has it that Audrey’s fate figures largely in the final 6-pack of episodes. As for Logan… well if the writers don’t care then why should I?

A lot of the action was CTU-centric last week and unlike the standard, where CTU scenes are the less than exciting portions of 24, there were lots of sparks flying at home base. Jack butts heads with Chloe for keeping Audrey’s death from him. Chloe smooches Morris in order to check his breath for Milo. A near blow-up between Milo and Mike Doyle over the latter’s overzealous desire for torture. And the mole… oh yes, the ever ubiquitous CTU mole.

At this point I’d like everyone to officially welcome Day 6’s mole: Nadia Yassir. No wait that’s too obvious and stinks of your typical 24 red haring. Sure Nadia’s Muslim and Milo’s been giving her full access since the directives of VP Daniels have locked her out, but that stinks of coincidence, not to mention the fact that the mole is Gredenko’s and not Fayed’s. Who can it be? Morris? Why torture someone who’s on your side anyway, and if Morris is involved why did he let it get so far as torture? Milo? Suspicious, but there’s nothing to indict him either way. Mike Doyle? He may be a huge diaper rash, but I somehow doubt he’s the one. Chloe? Come on!

Or maybe VP Daniels is the mole. Kidding, but he’s certainly the most trigger happy Commander-in-Chief since ever! If the writers’ intent is to make the viewer down right despise this bigoted and reactionist politician than mission: accomplished; although I have to say he’s a little one dimensional as compared to past crooked politicos on 24. Certainly Tom Lennox is proof of that as we continue to seem him develop from squirrelly, backroom operator to a man with principle and clarity enough to see that circumstances have changed.

Coming up this week: Fayed and Gredenko have a domestic dispute, CTU finds out that the mole is still out there and Wayne Palmer returns before the nukes start flying.

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