Jet - One Great Debut

Sunday, March 21, 2004


Written by Monique Loveless (thecannon.ca)

The debut CD “Get Born” from Australia’s Jet is an amazing first release. The songs are energetic and entertaining. The best way I can describe their sound is upbeat rock, even when the song deals with emotions of anger or bad relationships. The band is good Brit-Pop/Rock, which usually I detest, however their songs make you want to move instead of throwing your stereo out the window. With loud guitar and at sometimes screeching vocals Jet carves a new space for themselves outside of the latest British sounding bands, like The Strokes and The Vines.

Most of the songs on the album are reminiscent of their first single “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”, which is a fantastic song that even my sister loves (which trust me is saying a lot). The fourth song on the album “Look What You’ve Done” is a beautiful song that reminds me slightly of the more melodic Beatle songs, “Free Bird” to be exact. The song “Move On” like a country-rock hybrid Kid Rock style, but this does not diminish the album. I like that the band feels comfortable to putting a slight variety of sounds on the album, which increases the quality of the album. The album shows maturity and knowledge that most bands lack. This might ensure a strong second release.

The band is sometimes compared to Oasis because of the brother factor. But it doesn’t seem that in the case of Jet that this is going to be a gimmick. Instead the Cester brothers both contribute to the creation of the music. The fact that the band writes the songs is also a plus, since nowadays that is not always the case. They bring a freshness to the world of rock n’ roll that makes them stand out from the majority of bands that seem to be coming out of every corner of the globe. The CD is not overly expensive so there is no feeling of being ripped off. For the price of CDs Jet’s debut is actually a steal. If you want to know more about the band go to www.jettheband.com

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