Review of The Creepshow

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Written by Bob Przybylz

Well, well, well… what a week. Hopefully everyone out there had a good reading week. Mine was rather balanced with good and bad. I had to do lots of driving to get back home to Chicago for just 4 short days and then drive all the way back, but not before I got into a bit of a car accident which made my day last Tuesday. But of course I should have expected that because Friday night had so much promise. I saw the poster about a month ago and knew I was going to be there: The Creepshow was playing the Shadow. Psychobilly in Guelph? Oh yeah!

So we got delayed with dinner and showed up during the third band, The Pragmatics. This young ska band from Burlington (I think that’s what they said) was decent… not great. They were a bit mixed up but then again they all seemed to be still in high school. Considering that they’re pretty good, and they have someplace to go from here. They closed out their set with a great cover of Europe’s “Final Countdown” which everyone absolutely loved.

Next up was Buzz Deluxe. This was the start of the rockabilly-based music for the night: stand up bass, slicked back hair thick with pomade, vintage instruments, Bettie Page on the screens and on t-shirts. This trio slapped the bass, pounded the drums and tore up the guitar for the small crowd at the Shadow as they burned up the floor dancing and moshing. They were a great opener to The Creepshow being a bit more conventional with their rockabilly styling. They’re a good band working their way up out of Newmarket. Check them out here or here

Then it came time for the headliner, The Creepshow. Now, I was wondering what their performance was going to be like. See, their lead singer, Hellcat, is on a hiatus because her baby is due in May/June. So for the time being her sister Sarah Sin is filling in. Turns out her sister is damn good too. The crowd was going so crazy that at one point she said she had been pushed back by the crowd about four feet since the start of the set (the stage isn’t elevated you see). The band really got everyone in it with their cover of the Misfits’ “Halloween,” “Zombies ate her Brain,” and “Grave Diggers.”

They also did a bit of showing off with a keyboard solo and a bass solo with Sickboy slapping at near supersonic speeds. This foursome of Toronto fiends are heading upwards and onwards with their European tour starting at the end of April. You can check out their remaining Ontario tour dates and the video for “Zombies ate her Brain.” They put on a hell of a show, get to know this band.

So we headed out of the Shadow a bit after midnight Friday night/Saturday morning figuring that the night was about over. We decided to stop by the Albion for a quick drink and then home. However, we got a bit of a surprise once we got up to the second floor. We knew there was a band but what a band! We walked in on the middle of the Brown Hornets’ set. All four of them were absolutely stacked with energy. The lead singer was hitting the keys of his organ not just with hands and fingers but with his foot at one point, he was dropping down and sliding his way back up like James Brown back in the day. He left at the beginning of a song saying that he was sick of hearing his own voice and walked around the second floor for about a minute.

On several occasions he handed out the tambourine and cow bell to people watching. The guitarist put his guitar down on a table and played a guitar solo out in the middle of the bar. All in all, another great band that I wasn’t expecting to see. Check out their website here, they just might knock your socks off.

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