Six to Go: 24, 12am-1am

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“Two things are going to happen: I'm going to destroy that circuit board and Cheng Zhi doesn't make it out of there alive.”
“All signs indicate that he has suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.”
“Earlier today, I shot my old partner because he tried to stop me from doing what I needed to do, so don't think that I won't do the same to you.”
“This is going to end badly Jack – you can't go against the White House. Jack!”

Another season of 24 is just another occasion for Jack Bauer to go rogue and fight the power in order to take care of business be it personal or unsanctioned or both. With Audrey being used as “leverage”, Cheng has demanded of Jack one of the circuit boards from one of the Russian suitcase nukes. Which begs the question: how exactly did the Chinese know within seconds of it happening that Jack had secured the nukes from Fayed? And they just happened to have Audrey on ice nearby as a coercion tactic. It's another one of those wacky 24 coinky-dinks I guess; so much of the show is predicated on the viewer's ability to just go with the flow.

Coming up this week: Buchanan lets everybody in CTU know that Jack has once again gone bye-bye and Doyle is sent after him leading to a firefight involving the shooting down of a helicopter. On the White House end, Karen once again faces threats of removal and blackmail and speaking of blackmail, Daniels has a showdown with Lennox over recording sensitive conversations. Next week, Stargate SG-1's Michael Shanks shows up as a Washington lobbyist and partner of Daniels' mistress Lisa Miller.

Looking out towards the home stretch, the magical crystal ball of spoilers reveals many interesting nuggets to come. First and foremost is another leadership shake-up at CTU, the return of evil papa Philip Bauer, the revelation of the identity of Josh Bauer's true father, a resolution in the relationship between Audrey and Jack and the return of a face from Jack's past that will have repercussions that resonate into season seven.

Considering that this is my last week at the Cannon, this will also be my last week writing my 24 column. So with that I'll say thanks to my weekly readers (all three of you) and try to enjoy the rest of the season without me. And always remember... Gravitas!

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