"Stand down, Jack!" 24; 11pm - 12am

Monday, April 16, 2007

Written by Adam A. Donaldson

“ Say hello to your brother for me.”
“The bombs are secure and Jack's alright.”
“Jack? Are you there? Can you hear me?” “Audrey?”
“If you make any attempt to find our location, she dies.”

When Homer Simpson once sarcastically said concerning recent events that everything was tied up in a neat, little package, he could have easily been talking about the end of Abu Fayed. In one foul swoop, Jack dispatched Fayed, ten of his goons and recovered the final two suitcase nukes and he did it all in such a way that even a hardened CTU vet like Mike Doyle had to come in and say, “Damn Jack!” Hardcore Bauer action is one thing, but last week's heroics went above and beyond what Jack's done before. And kissing off Fayed by saying “Say hello to your brother for me,” before hanging him like McClane did to Karl in Die Hard was the icing on the cake.

Even the seasoned 24 fan had to admit that sudden stop to the year (day) long story was a turn out of left field. And then the question of what will happen next, which didn't require much thought given certain revelations made accidentally a few hours earlier. Low and behold, Audrey is alive and being held as a mark by Jack's Chinese nemesis Cheng Zhi and he wants Jack to bring him something that probably has to do with the captured nukes in order to get Audrey back. There will certainly be a big question mark hanging over these last seven hours and under it are queries about whether Jack can get Audrey back, what the Chinese endgame is, and whatever happened to Papa Bauer?

There was one other thing. What was it? Oh yeah, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO CHARLES LOGAN? Come On!

Speaking of things Presidential, I have to say that I appreciate the way the writers made Wayne Palmer's own nuke a mere threat. It was some of DB Woodside's finest acting and a real breakthrough moment for the character. The White House storyline is certainly a compelling one, now, also with a number of question surrounding the fate of those in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Like what's the deal with Wayne's health? Is he on the brink of death or what? And what will come of his showdown with Daniels this week? Whatever else that happens, it's guaranteed that Daniels won't go quietly, that is if he goes at all.

So many questions, so little time. Seven hours and counting.

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