Students Bring "Urinetown" to Life

Friday, March 16, 2007

Written by May Warren

OK, so the title is pretty weird, but the play is fantastic. Last night, Curtain Call Production’s 50th anniversary play Urinetown, opened to a standing ovation in War Memorial Hall. The show takes place in a fictional town far in the future when water shortages have made peeing a privilege, literally. Private companies have taken over public toilets and are forcing suffering citizens to pay to empty their proletariat bladders. Anyone who’s been to Europe will know that although this may sound ridiculous it’s not actually that farfetched, and the play sets the perfect tone of comedy and melodrama, keeping it light while dealing with serious political undertones concerning sustainability, oppression and social change.

Although musical numbers were probably unfamiliar to students, the original play only opened on Broadway in 2001, that didn’t make them any less entertaining. The chorus of poor public toilet patrons always kept things lively and the leads did outstanding jobs. Several students gave standout performances, particularly Tim Obeerholzer as Officer Lockstock, and Olivia Hazelden, whose ongoing hilarious dialogue serves as the play’s narration. The story centers around an uprising led by an angry public toilet employee played by Daniel Eichenberger who finds himself caught between his girlfriend Hope played by Lindsay Cox, and her tyrannical father, played by Thomas Gofton, who operates the toilet racket.

The threat of being sent to Urinetown, for failing to pay to pee is something which all the characters live in fear of, but going to Urinetown the musical is a delightful experience that every audience member will enjoy. The play also runs Friday March 16th at 8pm and Saturday March 17th at 2 and 8pm.

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