The Guelph Jazz Festival Announces 2006 Line-up

Thursday, June 8, 2006

  • Mac-Stew is one of the venues for the Guelph Jazz Festival

    Mac-Stew is one of the venues for the Guelph Jazz Festival

Written by Vish Khanna - Guelph Jazz Festival’s Media Coordinator

Promising a program offering “a genuine celebration of musical surprise, innovation, risk-taking, and community-building,” Guelph Jazz Festival Artistic Director Ajay Heble revealed the full-line-up for the 2006 Guelph Jazz Festival. Preceding a Three Tuesdays Guelph Jazz Festival fundraising concert by Tena Palmer, Heble launched the 2006 edition of the Festival with a speech commending the work of Guelph Jazz Festival staff and volunteers and lauding the accomplishments of the artists scheduled to perform in Guelph this September. “This festival, as I’ve said many times, is about the music, of course, but for me it’s as much about the remarkable community of people with whom I get to work,” Heble said.

From there, Heble went on to discuss his expectations for the 13th edition of the Guelph Jazz Festival. “We’ll be presenting world class artists in unique configurations and intimate performance and workshop settings,” he said. “And, again as part of the Festival, we’ll host a unique educational colloquium—the only one of its kind in the country—with talks, panel discussions, workshops, and roundtables.” Heble also briefly discussed this year’s special thematic emphasis on artists from Eastern Europe. “In keeping with the Festival’s focus on presenting underexposed world-class artists, our program will showcase several European artists--many from Eastern Europe—rarely heard at other festivals in the region (or even in the country).”

The remarkable schedule for the 2006 Guelph Jazz Festival is as follows:

All events free unless otherwise indicated.

Wednesday September 6, 2006

MSAC, 1 pm
Marilyn Lerner (ON)

MSAC, 5 pm
WORKSHOP: Inter-Provincial: Canadian Improvisers in Dialogue
Featuring: Lori Freedman, Jerry Granelli, Normand Guilbeault, François Houle, Robert Marcel Lepage, Marilyn Lerner, René Lussier, André Moisan, David Mott, Ravi Naimpally, Jeff Reilly, Oliver Schroer, Tanya Tagaq Gillis, and Pierre Tanguay,

MSAC, 8 pm
Bob Ostertag & Pierre Hébert (USA/QC)
Adult $20; Student/Senior/Low Income $16

Thursday September 7, 2006

MSAC, 10:30 am
WORKSHOP: Bill Dixon with guests

MSAC, 1 pm
Robert Marcel Lepage, Pee Wee et Moi (QC)

MSAC, 5 pm
Jerry Granelli’s Sandhills Reunion (NS/BC/ON/USA/Germany)

St. George’s Anglican Church, 8 pm
Evelyn Petrova (Russia) – in the sanctuary
Hard Rubber Orchestra (BC) – in Mitchell Hall
Adult $27; Student/Senior/Low Income $22

Mitchell Hall, St. George’s Anglican Church, 11:30 pm
Torngat (QC)
Adult $22; Student/Senior/Low Income $17

Friday September 8, 2006

MSAC, 10:30 am
WORKSHOP: Percussion Discussion
Featuring Lê Quan Ninh, Paul Plimley, Richard Ribeiro, Jesse Stewart (host), and
Mauricio Takara

MSAC, 1 pm
Tanya Tagaq Gillis, Oliver Schroer & Ravi Naimpally (Nunavut/BC/ON)

MSAC, 3 pm
WORKSHOP: Arcade Emperor Underground: Montreal Meets Chicago
Featuring Jason Ajemian, Thierry Amar, Pietro Amato, Scott Gilmore, Gabriel Levine, Rob Mazurek, Jessica Moss, Kaveh Nabatian, Sarah Neufeld, Richard Reed Parry, and Stefan Schneider

GYMC, 5 pm
Lê Quan Ninh (France)
Adult $22; Student/Senior/Low Income $17

St. George’s Anglican Church, 8 pm
Bill Dixon & Joëlle Léandre (USA/France) – in the sanctuary
Bik Bent Braam (Holland) – in Mitchell Hall
Adult $32; Student/Senior/Low Income $27

Mitchell Hall, St. George’s Anglican Church, 11:30 pm
Sao Paulo Underground (Rob Mazurek, Mauricio Takara, Richard Ribeiro, Jason Ajemian) (Brazil/USA)
Adult $22; Student/Senior/Low Income $17

Saturday September 9, 2006

GYMC, 10:30 am
Paul Plimley, Tommy Babin & Hamid Drake (BC/USA)
Adult $22; Student/Senior/Low Income $17

Upper Wyndham Street Jazz Tent
11:45 am – Guelph Youth Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Brent Rowan with special guest Lori Freedman (ON/QC)
1:00 pm – Black Ox Orkestar (QC)
2:30 pm – Manouche (QC)
4:15 pm – The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (ON)
6:00 pm – The Hylozoists (ON)

GYMC, 2:30 pm
Larry Ochs, Peggy Lee & Miya Masaoka (USA/BC)
FAB Trio (Joe Fonda, Barry Altschul, & Billy Bang) (USA)
Adult $27; Student/Senior/Low Income $22

Main Stage, River Run Centre, 8 pm
György Szabados & Vladimir Tarasov (Hungary/Lithuania)
Steve Coleman & Five Elements (USA)
Adult $37; Student/Senior/Low Income $30

Mitchell Hall, St. George’s Anglican Church, 11:30 pm
The Bell Orchestre (QC)
Adult $22; Student/Senior/Low Income $17

Sunday September 10, 2006

GYMC, 10:30 am
Mark Feldman & Sylvie Courvoisier (USA)
Xu Fengxia & Joe Fonda (Germany/USA)
Adult $27; Student/Senior/Low Income $22

GYMC, 7:00 pm
autorickshaw with Kevin Breit and Trichy Sankaran (ON)
Adult $22; Student/Senior/Low Income $17

Tickets for the 2006 Guelph Jazz Festival will go on sale on Wednesday, June 14th. For more information about tickets, please contact the River Run Centre Box Office:

35 Woolwich Street
Guelph, ON N1H 3V1
Box Office: 519.763.3000
Toll Free: 877.520.2408

For complete information about the 2006 Guelph Jazz Festival, please visit the newly re-designed http://www.guelphjazzfestival.com.

For more information about the 2006 Guelph Jazz Festival please contact the Guelph Jazz Festival’s Media Coordinator, Vish Khanna at or by phone during the day at (519) 824-4120, ext. 56919.

The Guelph Jazz Festival 123 Woolwich St. (2nd Floor) Guelph, ON N1H 3V1 (519) 763-4952 www.guelphjazzfestival.com

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