The Sno Week One Acts

Sunday, January 11, 2004


Written by George J. Evans

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From January 7th to the 9th the University of Guelph’ Drama Student Federation presented The Sno Week One Acts. They were three short plays, all written in one act and preformed in the intimate George Luscombe theatre. Admission was only a mere $4.00 and really well worth the sum.

The first one act play was Conversations to be Analyzed by Dandelions and Butterflies. This was a play written and directed by Mike Medaglia. The script dealt with age old questions (i.e. the nature of love and the power of poetry) in a very sage like manner. Anchoring the play was the tender and romantic connection between the characters G and M played by Sandy Laias and Chris Sunncks respectively. Joan Kivanda’s voice was another high point of the play, giving a unique flavour to the talking tableau scenes. Visually minimalist, the set was accented with an interesting representation of a huge dandelion that was made to glow during some parts.

The second one act play looked into the social interactions of individuals that few get to really know. The Isle of Dread written and directed by Daniel Karpenchuk was a play that showed how role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, are unique social enigmas that require an extreme investment in time and energy few can commit. The highlight of the evening was actually in this play when the Character of Adam played by Shawn D. Murphy let out of fit of rage as the last of his peers chose to leave the game. Though the audience felt some pity for Adam, who was so stressed that he threw furniture around the stage while Under Pressure played, they could not help laughing at his absurd misery. It is for this scene that I think this play was a poignant metaphor for theatre actors in general. When the dust settles who will be left on the stage, Shawn?

The final one act play looked at the age old definition: “Theatre is heightened life”. C. MacInnis vs. D. Sadavoy written and directed by Mark Guzylak-Shergold was a simple rehearsed chess game, given an interesting sound track and played out by Daniel Sadavoy on the black pieces and Christian MacInnis on the white pieces. Hardly any dialogue, the game opened with what looked like a variation on the standard Ruy Lopez. The movement of the pieces were projected onto a screen but I still found my self loosing track of which pieces were which as the projector’s Birdseye view didn’t allow for detail. In the end they both win when they work together…which is no surprise in chess. The play deals with the mundane only to show that the world is but a stage.

Ninety minutes of solid entertainment including, a huge papier-mâché butterfly, two red headed Kats and an on stage kiss, for only $4.00, D.S.F. job well done.

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“True West” Jan. 24
“Les Belles Soeurs” Jan. 31
“Grim Tales” Feb. 10 – 14
“It Was All A Dream” Feb. 28 to Mar. 2
“Sand In The Machine” Mar. 23 - 27

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