Top Guelph Filmmaking crew ready to take on Toronto's best at the 48 Hour Film Challenge

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last fall, a team of filmmakers led by Guelphite Angus McLellan won the top two honours at Guelph's first-ever 24 hour film festival with their short comedy film "The Missing Stitch".

"It was crazy." Says team member Tony Del Rio "The competition was pretty tight, but we won the Audience Choice award by a landslide. Then we won the juried prize. Well, we actually shared that award with another team, but by that point it didn't really matter. Being selected by the judges is nice, but what’s better than being picked by an entire audience of people?"

McLellan and Del Rio will reunite with their team-mates from the Ed Video 24 Hour Film Festival to compete in this year's 48 Hour Toronto Film Challenge.
"We're really excited.” Says McLellan "...and a little stressed. We'll be up against a lot of other professional filmmakers who are extremely serious about taking the awards. The Guelph event was great, and I admire everyone who participated but most of them weren't pros. With the 48 hour event we're competing with a lot of ambitious and experienced people. It's going to take a ton of talent to win it.

“There's been a lot of talk lately about all the film productions happening in Guelph. But that talk is only really happening in Guelph. If you go to Toronto and tell people about the scene here, they'll laugh at you and assume you're making it up. I really want to go and show off some of what this city is made of."

A film challenge is an exciting venture for filmmakers. Each team is given a list of criteria to meet, and then they have just 48 hours to conceptualize, write, film and edit a finished product before turning in their tape. The films are screened for an audience and judged by industry professionals. This competition is not for the faint of heart. Filmmakers love this kind of event because it allows them to be creative, have a lot of fun, and in theory they can come out of a competition with a great new addition to their portfolio of films that took them just one weekend to make, not months or years.

“The Missing Stitch was a blast to make” McLellan grins “We just kept on piling on more ideas of what we could shoot, based on the criteria, and it either got more brilliant or more bizarre as we went along. I wouldn’t say it’s a great film, but it is a very funny film and the audience ate it up.”

The 48 Hour Toronto Film Challenge will take place on the weekend of June 23rd, 2006 and end Sunday night at 8pm.

Angus McLellan is the classic home-town kid. Born and raised in Guelph, he attended John F. Ross high school, and returns yearly to judge their film festival. He graduated from the Toronto Film School in 2002.
He still calls Guelph his true home and has worked with or for many of the top musical talents in the region.

As a filmmaker he wears many hats: Writer, Director, Editor, and Producer. He is passionate about film and can often be found teaching the specifics of the medium to youth and adult classes. His works have appeared in festivals, television across the globe and have been distributed on DVD.

Tony Del Rio hails from Toronto and also graduated from the Toronto Film School, which is where he and McLellan met. Del Rio’s films have appeared in various festivals and screenings.

Other Guelphites who will be taking part in this film challenge are novice filmmakers Christina Pilgrim and Ryan Lapadat.

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