INSITE Guelph: Resistance through Arts Conference

  • Date

    November 13 - 15

  • What

    Here is a list of most of the workshops that will be facilitated over the weekend! We are still finalizing one last workshop slot and working on getting our open and closing plenaries finalized! We are really excited for everything (mind you, we are biased but we are hoping it is going to rock!) But come and decide for yourself!

    Here are the workshops -

    Imagyn a World; New Media and Resistance
    Facilitated by Kate Klein

    This workshop will speak to the following questions: When addressing issues of marginalization in the lives of youth, how does using art as a means of communication change how the message is received? How does the theory of art as resistance change when we bring new media and information technology into the picture, particularly for youth? And lastly, how might artistic resistance change as a practice for future generations, given the increasing accessibility of both art and technology?

    Selling Sizism: The Media’s Role in Fat Prejudice

    Facilitated by Acceptance Without Limits and Candy MacNeil
    This workshop will help participants deconstruct these myths and images using a playful “adbusting” approach, and will use art materials to rewrite and redraw those messages in a way that promotes healing, acceptance and equality of all people, regardless of size.

    Off the stage and into the streets: theatre for social change
    Facilitated by Jes Smith and Robyn Letson

    This workshop will introduce participants to the history of theatre for social change, to put into practice working with theatre from an anti-oppression framework and will collectively brainstorm how theatre can be used in our communities to bring about positive social change.

    Writing Trauma: Creative Responses to Sexual Violence
    Facilitated by Sonal Pala and Kate Miller

    This workshop will offer people strategies to be able to process and cope with their own experiences and guide others in this process. Participants will not actually be asked to write about trauma in the workshop, but to consider where and when this may be constructive for survivors or the larger community. We will discuss three community initiatives in which participants are invited to write about trauma for the public. We will have examples such as images, posters, clothesline shirts, and books.

    Is this cake feminist?: Undomesticating “Domestic Arts”
    Facilitated by Rebecca Wood

    This workshop will focus on a discussion of how “domestic arts” like baking, knitting, sewing, etc, can be reclaimed and used as tools of resistance. We will discuss a history of these art forms as being “domestic” and traditionally feminine and what it means to engage with these art forms in a feminist way. Participants will be encouraged to think of DIY “domestic arts” as having the potential for empowering individuals, building community, and for sharing messages of resistance with others.

    When bump’n’grind meets bindi: Bollywood burlesque 101
    Facilitated by Arti Mehta

    This workshop will give participants an opportunity to learn about what burlesque is; it’s radical history and burlesque dancers of color (with a focus on South Asian Bollywood cabaret). It will challenge conventional understandings of femininity and women’s sexuality think about the intersections between women’s sexuality, queer dentities and race, and how burlesque can be used as a tool for self and community empowerment. As well, encourage dialogue about cultural appropriation. Depending on time, there may be a chance to learn a few basic moves.

    Looks great, huh?

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  • Where

    At the University of Guelph Campus in the University Centre and the Mackinnon Building

    Please check out our blog for room locations

  • When

    Friday at 5pm - Sunday 5pm

  • Why

    Our blog also has some updates on our opening and closing panels. Also, check out our schedule!

  • Cost

    Sliding Scale for whole weekend is $40-60

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