Campus Blood Donor Clinic

  • Date

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

  • What

    What is Blood 101?

    Blood 101 is a blood donor challenge, lead by students between university, college and technical campuses across the country. It is a competition between campuses to see who can recruit the most blood donors with the main intention of inspiring people to become regular donors. As students we are socially conscious and want to make a difference. Donating blood is an easy, free way to make a direct impact on the lives of people in need!

    We hope to collect over 5000 unites of blood across the country during the challenge, which has the potential to save 15 000 lives!

    It is our hope that by providng a goal we can all strive for together, that we will be able to overcome any obstacles that have been standing in the way of us all becoming regular donors.Walk-ins are usually welcome but secure a particular time please feel free to call:


    I hope that after reading this you have been convinced to join us in a collaborative effort to show Canadians that, as students, we are a powerful force that can and will make a difference.

  • Where

    Peter Clark Hall (basement of the UC)

  • When

    Tuesday, March 30th  11am - 6pm

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