• $10=4 Meals at a Local Food Bank

    $10=4 Meals at a Local Food Bank

  • Date

    October 1 - 8

  • What

    Help eliminate food insecurity in Guelph by donating cash or Meal Points! 100% of the proceeds go to 19 local agencies that UoGuelph chapter Meal Exchange supports. Feed Social Change!

  • Where

    You can donate Meal Points or Cash in your Classroom, Residence Buildings, OVC Cafeteria, the Bullring, Creelman Hall, to Meal Exchange Volunteers and in the UC Courtyard.

  • When

    Skip-a-Meal Runs September 27th-October 8th

  • Why

    1 in 5 people in Guelph are food insecure, $10 or approximately one meal from your meal card can provide a meal for a family of four at a local food bank.

  • Cost


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