Vote Mob Guelph (Dog Days are Over)

  • Date

    Thursday, March 31, 2011

  • What

    From the creators of http://youtu.be/jYC7vUrC5Hc, comes the best way to spend 30 minutes on Thursday!

    There's a federal election on May 2nd. As students, the only way we can get politicians to cut the lip service and actually represent us is to get out and VOTE. Citizenship owns, apathy blows. We've got a way to spread the fire, but first we need you to rock and roll with us for a bit on Thursday aft. Skip class. Just do it.

    Rec...all our last video. It worked pretty well. We were featured in the Globe & Mail, Maclean's Online, Power & Politics, the Mercury, the Kitchener Record, and more. Almost 32,000 hits!

    - - - - -
    On Thursday, meet us at War Mem at 12:30 (or as soon as you get out of class) and we'll outline some basic instructions to a song we all love: http://youtu.be/PGrx6etMl0w

    Study up and practice your hand-clapping!

    Underneath your outerwear, dress as though you are about to run an intense 10km in July. Bright colours are preferable since it's so soggy outside. Running shoes, those sexytimes shorts, throwback socks, sweatbands... impress us. If you don't want to dress-up (well, dress down really), that's cool! Just come out - you will still look great!

  • Where

    Meet outside of War Memorial Hall

  • When

    Thursday, March 31

    12:30pm - 1:00pm

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