Student Space Sit-In

  • Date

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

  • What

    Do you have a hard time finding a place to study on campus? Never know where to find an outlet for your laptop?

    The CSA is organizing a Student Space Sit-In to take place on THURSDAY DECEMBER 1ST (the last day of class) in the University Centre. Show everyone you need ...more space by showing up and studying.

    We'll provide:

    - Tables
    - Chairs
    - Extension cords
    - Allocated quiet study space
    - Group study areas

    The idea is to have a large visible presence, solicit feedback from you the students on how to improve study space on campus, and to have a symbolic reclamation of common space for a day. Talk to your friends and bring them out to study together. This is meant to be a reminder that universities are here to serve the needs of students, so we encourage everyone to attend!

  • Where

    University Centre

  • When

    Thursday December 1st from 10am until 5 pm

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