(Im)migration Myth Busting Week

  • Date

    March 18 - 22

  • What

    Monday, March 18th: Talking About Deportation and Community Responses to it
    When: 5:30-7pm
    Where: University Centre Rm 442
    Through this event we would like to have a conversation about deportation and our community. In light of the continued restriction and closing off of opportunities for some migrating folks to live in our communities with full on paper rights; as more people are denied access to citizenship or refugee statuses, many wanting to stay face deportation.

    Tuesday, March 19th: Day of Action!
    When: 9am-4:30pm
    Where: University Centre Courtyard
    Details: Come out the University Centre and…
    • build your understanding of the experience of migrants, refugees, immigrants and international students in Canada…
    • learn about the work that groups on campus are doing…
    • AND TAKE ACTION right then and there!

    Panel Discussion: The Refugee Experience in Canada
    When: 5:30-7pm
    Where: University Centre Courtyard
    Details: Who is a refugee? Who is included? Who is excluded? What is their experience in Canada?

    Wednesday, March 20th: Amnesty International: Gloria Nafziger
    When: 5:30pm-7pm
    Where: TBA
    Join Gloria in this discussion of the current state of refugee rights in Canada from Amnesty International’s perspective. She will also expand to talk about the rights of other populations in Canada such as indigenous populations, women as well as other immigrants & migrants. How are these populations all connected and what can we do?

  • Where

    University of Guelph

  • When

    times provided in description

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