5 Days for the Homeless

  • 5 Days for the Homeless - 2014 Campaign

    5 Days for the Homeless - 2014 Campaign

  • Date

    March 9 - 13

  • What

    Five Days for the Homeless is a charity campaign founded by students at the Alberta School of Business in 2005. It is a five day, nation wide campaign in which a small group of commerce students from each school live and sleep outside to raise money and awareness for a local charity, in Guelph the charity is Wyndham House (Youth Social Services Organization), that supports homeless youth.

    Participants are not allowed to shower during this time or have access to any of the comforts of a home, and are only able eat what is donated to them by other students. Daily events will also take place during the week to help raise additional funds, and a general understanding of the campaign.

  • Where

    The "sleepers" will be gathered in central campus near the cannon for 5 days and 5 nights in an effort to raise money and awareness for homeless youth.

  • When

    The campaign runs from March 9th to 13th.

  • Why

    5 Days for the Homeless aims to increase awareness of homelessness and raise donations for local charitable organizations supporting homeless and at-risk youth across the country.

  • Cost

    Donations are greatly appreciated! All donations go straight to the Wyndham House (Youth Social Services Organization).

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