The Synnema Presents: The Magical Bunch

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    Sunday, September 13, 2009

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    What: The Synnema Presents: The Magical Bunch

    Where: The Synnema, 121 Wyndham St. N., Suite #106

    Where: Sunday, September 13, 4pm.

    Why: The Magical Bunch is an impressive musical act made up of four underage musicians who write and perform their own unique blend of R&B, Nu-Jazz and Afro-beat. What’s even more unusual is that they are members of the same family: 16-year-old Christian on guitar; 14-year-old Christopher on bass; 12-year-old Victoria on drums; and 10-year-old Vestine on keyboards.

    The Magical Bunch are the children of Ignace “Iggy” Ryangoma, a Rwandan immigrant and Berklee-trained musician who uses his love of music to find a path to peace, harmony and emotional healing after his experiences in his war-torn country. The group has performed at the Ottawa Jazz Festival and Guelph’s Art on the Street, as well as being featured on both CBC and CTV. A percentage of all ticket sales will be given to The Blue Spark Music Initiative, a new program with Fresh Start Housing that’s designed to help disadvantaged kids have access to music lessons and instruments.

    How much: $10 at the door.

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