INFRACAMPUS exploratory art/research workshop

  • Past SYN- experiment

    Past SYN- experiment

  • Date

    Thursday, September 29, 2011

  • What

    Led by Montréal-based group of urban exploration artists, SYN-, workshop participants will explore how infra-qualities – such as undisclosed, lesser known or hidden realities – might inform us of future potentials for campus transformations: how could we then engage the campus as a locus for fostering new kinds of actions, social configurations and interrelations for common spaces which in turn may induce affect?
    The research will explore different topics such as: interactions between campus and urban life, an insider and outsider’s perspective; re-shuffled notions of the historically «cultivated» North American campus and its idealized detachment; etc.

  • Where

    Meet in Rm 380, Alexander Hall (formerly Axel Rod) - http://www.uoguelph.ca/campus/map/alexander/
    Will also include walk around campus

  • When


  • Why

    Workshop experiments and findings will establish the basis for a future collaborative intervention of the U of G campus in 2012. Get involved in the first stages of an important campus experiment!

  • Cost

    Free. Food provided. For more info or to reserve a spot, email [email protected]

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