The Guelph Lecture--On Being Canadian

  • Date

    Friday, November 9, 2012

  • What

    This year’s Lecture presents author, Eleanor Wachtel. As host of CBC’s Writers & Company, Wachtel will draw from her extensive experience in the literary world to present her perspectives on globalizing identities. Sarah Neufeld, a solo violinist who is best known for her work with Arcade Fire and Bell Orchestre, will provide the evening’s music; a fascinating mix of jazz, classical, and improvisational performance. For our keynote presentation, we are happy to say that Dr. Henry Mintzberg, a recipient of many awards and honours, including the Order of Canada, will deliver a presentation tentatively titled Rebalancing Society...Canada as a Model?

    In his presentation, Dr. Mintzberg will address the unequal distribution of power and economics between government, the public sector and what he calls the ‘plural sector’. During a recent presentation at the University of Cape Town, Dr. Mintzberg argued that it is time to stop focusing only on the private and public sectors and start encouraging “communityship”. That is, community-driven projects that fall somewhere between the private and public sectors. All of this serves Dr. Mintzberg’s living thesis: he sees management as a practice that doesn’t change, one that is about being interrupted and keeping your head above water.

    Our ultimate goal is to achieve a Lecture that continues to develop a communal, Canadian identity beyond the confines of the presentation night. We welcome you and your organization to attend and contribute to the ongoing process of developing Canadian identity, near and far.

  • Where

    The River Run Centre, 35 Woolwich Street,

  • When

    Friday, November 9th, Doors; 6:30pm

  • Cost

    Students, $15

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