The River Remembers: Ecological and Heritage Walking Tours

  • Date

    Wednesday, August 12, 2009

  • Details

    What: The River Remembers: Ecological and Heritage Walking Tours

    When: Wednesday, August 12 from  6:30-8:30pm

    Where: The tours will meet and finish at the Boathouse, 116 Gordon Street.

    Why: Knowledgeable and experienced tour leaders will share the ecological history and heritage of Guelph’s magnificent river system. Attendees will discover:
    o Why Guelph was settled around the river
    o How human settlement has affected the health of the river and
    o How we are turning back the clock to re-vitalize the river ecosystem

    We will strive to make the tours wheelchair accessible but it is dependent on the weather. For any accessibility concerns or questions please contact OPIRG.

    Tour profits will benefit ACOGW’s “Heritage Fund,” which, when large enough, will provide funds for heritage restorations, and OPIRG’s Speed River Project, which is dedicated to restoration and revitalization of the watershed.

    How much: $5-10 suggested donation per person. Tours are free for children under 12.

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