Queercrips: We Do Exist, We Do have Sex, and We Can Be Really Hot

  • Date

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009

  • What

    This presentation by Loree Erickson will be an opportunity for folks with disabilities and our allies to explore together the seldom talked about topic of disability and sexuality from a queercrip perspective. While this facilitated discussion will focus on the experiences of queer people with disabilities, the insights and interrogations that will be produced will be useful to many different experiences of bodies and people who are marginalized.

    We will begin by looking at racist, fat phobic, heteronormative and ableist myths and constructions of sex/uality and sexiness that contribute to the desexualization or overt sexualizing of people with disabilities. We can also address barriers to inclusion of queercrips in queer communities. And finally, we will use visual images and video to discuss sexual self-representation as a pathway to resistance.

  • Where

    University Centre room 441
    use the north (by the cannon) elevators

  • When


  • Why

    Part of Queer Identities Week

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Co-op Bookstore - Johnston Hall