Humanizing Migration

  • Date

    Monday, November 9, 2009

  • What

    Canadian state-(im)migrant relations continue to be marked by violent, US-style raids and deportations. In the last six months hundreds of migrants throughout southern Ontario have been aggressively confronted at gunpoint, handcuffed, incarcerated and deported.

    The most recent example of this trend took place a few weeks ago, on October 8th in Leamington Ontario, where Canadian Border Services Agents broke into the home of three individuals, aggressively arresting them, and incarcerating them in Rexdale detection centre in Toronto, pending their deportation.

    Migrants are being called ‘intruders’ ‘aliens’ ‘criminals’ ‘abusers’ by government and mainstream media, and through the use of the politics of security fears, xenophobic nationalist claims, and exploitative temporary labour policies, the core of this issue is being ignored and a process of dehumanizing migrants is continuing to occur.

    To this we say enough!

    You are invited to the first event organized as part of “The Humanizing Migration Project”

    This event will be taking place twice on November 09

    1) 5:30-7:00- University of Guelph, Mackinnon Building, room 312

    2) 8:30-10:00 -Ed Video, Downtown Guelph, 40 Baker Street

    The event will feature:

    *a 32 minute, Spanish-English documentary screening of:
    ~*El Viajecito de un Sueño*~(The little trip of a dream) * details below

    * a brief discussion by Jen Lawhorne, American activist and filmmaker, about her film and the issue of Mexican Migration to the United States

    *a reading of anti border poetry

    * and a brief presentation about the context of migration to Canada, the injustices of our current immigration system and temporary worker programs, and the violent immigration raids on migrants throughout southwestern Ontario.

    So come out to this event! We acknowledge that many of us are working with hectic schedules but we invite you to take a short break, watch a good film and discuss an important issue.

    *Free food from Salsateria will be served.

    For more information on this event or to get involved contact Ray Lee at [email protected]

    Organized by FUERZA/PUWERSA- Guelph



    ~*El Viajecito de un Sueño*~('The little trip of a dream)

    This documentary follows the experiences of Jen Lawhorne who journeys to Ocotitlan, Morelos, Mexico to visit the families, and the community in which her friends grew up, before they migrated to the United States. Through this visit Jen begins to better understand the lives of her friends and in turn begins to gain a better understanding of undocumented migration to the United States.
    From there Jen travels to the US-Mexican border to connect her friends' stories to this point of division. She heads to the dessert with the organization No More Deaths, documenting encounters with border security and the infamous Minutemen. The issue of migration becomes increasingly humanized to her.

    ( Spanish and English,34 minutes)

    The Humanizing Migration Project aims to organize events in Guelph that facilitate the pulling back of the layers from the issue of migration, with a focus on bringing forth the stories of migrating peoples, and promoting a deeper understanding and connection to the reasons behind why individuals move. This project will attempt to displace hostile and uninformed mainstream immigration and migration thinking which guides many of today’s unjust and exploitative immigration policies and migrant labour programs, and which infiltrates mainstream media and culture framing immigrants and migrants as ‘intruders’ ‘aliens’ ‘outsiders’ ‘lucky to be here’ and as second class citizens. This project contributes to the push for equal rights.

  • Where

    Mackinnon 312 (5:30pm screening) and Ed Video (8:30pm screening)

  • When

    Two Screenings - 5:30pm at the University and 8:30pm in Downtown Guelph

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